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Jan 16, 2013 7:00am PST
. joining me now is republican selectman dennis tracy, who serves on the board in westin and you were one of the authors of this as well. good morning. >> good morning. >> you did help write these proposals so why are they being sort of put on the back burner now? >> well, after the newtown shooting we really thought it was important to start a community conversation about whether there were things we needed to do within our town to help with the safety of our citizens, and we developed these proposals as a subject to talk about. since we developed them, there have been a number of announcements of broader initiatives, including the one that the president is about to announce today, and most of the things that can be helpful in this area are better done on the national or state level, and so we thought it would be useful to watch and see what they have to do before we move forward. >> is there a value, though, especially for a community that is so close to newtown, in sort of saying this is important to us and setting an example and maybe having some influence on the broader deba
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am PST
miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? >>> texas attorney general is taking -- is governor cuomo looking to fake away your guns? the other says, keep your guns, come to texas. cuomo and other democrats have seized the gun control debate and may be fueling voter enthusiasm as they consider a presidential run in 2016. >> no one hunts with an assault rifle. no one needs ten bullets to kill a deer. and too many innocent people have died already. a end the madness now. >> let's bring in former huckabee campaign manager. it's hard to find any potential 2016 candidate who is haven't weighed in on the gun debate, along with andrew cuomo, you've got maryland's governor martin o'malley. he's going to roll out sweeping gun control proposals of the connecticut governor dan malloy. how is this going to play into the 2016 race, do you think, chip? >> it will play into it.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2